Orange Blossom Wedding Set   c. 1870-1890

Materials: Large bouquet, corsage, head-piece and assorted pieces: Wax, cloth leaves, silk thread wrapped wire, starched bobbin lace, paper cone, ivory silk damask ribbon and original cardboard box.

Condition: Excellent. The large bridal bouquet is near perfect. On other pieces the wax has aged to a rich sepia; some orange blossom buds have come loose (easily repaired). The headpiece and bouquet probably come from different sets as the blossom shapes are slightly different.

Measurements: Wedding bouquet measures 12" by 8".

Comments: Wax orange blossoms were hand assembled in France and called "parure de mariee" (marriage ornaments). Boxed sets were imported into the US from France in huge quantities during the last half of the 19th century



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