Lace Tea Gown  c. 1908

United States: N.Y.C.

Materials: Valenciennes lace trimmed with hand made Cluny bobbin lace (linen) and inserts of embroidered cotton lawn, 19 small mother of pearl buttons (to close center back), lined with very fine silk chiffon.

Provenance: Dress belonged to Mildred Arnold Bernheimer Blount.  She and her husband Charles changed their last names from Blum to Blount during WW I to avoid persecution as Jews while traveling in Europe.  Their residence was 11 1/2 East 76th St., New York City

1908s 的一套Lace Gown都幾靚的一件,因為係全人手編織Lace,所以相當之貴,只而參考呀~~~!!

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