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餅身內餡亦更鬆軟, 大小差不多是一口酥大一點 
蠻可愛的 ^^

奶黃餡 材料:

麵粉      18g
栗粉      18g
奶粉      18g
吉士粉   25g

牛油      30g  (20g)

練奶     18ml  
淡奶     55ml
水        80ml
糖        10g   (6g)

脆皮 材料:

麵粉      90g  (95g)
栗粉      5g    (0g)
奶粉      18g  (8g)
吉士粉   22g  (16g)

牛油      35g  (30g)
鹽         1/2 茶匙

練奶      10g
淡奶      10g
水         5g

蛋液      20g (1只)

*** 材料做法更新編輯中,先打上另一個做法,待修正 ***


月餅皮 Mooncake Dough
1. Whip the softed salted butter with icing sugar.Then add in egg in two times and whip well.
2. Whip well the sifted plain flour, milk poweder and custard powder as well,Mix well with the spatula at last.
3. Divide the dough into 8 equal portions ( the weight of each portion is 22g).
*** Rmemmber to stir the butter as well till lightly white when you make the moon cake cover. ***


4.Wrap custard fillinf into mooncake dough,dust a moon cake mould with bread flour, press the dough into the mould and getly pressing to fit.
5. Brush the egg wash on top in twice.
6. Preheat the over to 240 C. Prepare the tray with 2 pieces of butter paper on the bottom and a piece of baking paprer.
7.Bake for 8-10 minutes untill golden yellow. Brush syrup on top.

奶皇餡 Custard Filling
1. sift and mix the custard powder and milk powder.
2.Whisk well the egg with egg yolk and add into 20g of caster sugar to mix well.Add 15g of milk and mix well.Then add #1 to mix well to set aside.
3. Boil coconut milk,20g of milk, whipping cream,salted butter, 20g of caster suger and vanilla bean in low heat and stir well.
4 After that, sifted and add into #32 to mix well. Pour back into the pot and re-boil in high heat until it thick.
5.Pur the ground sailed duck egg mix well.
6. Wrap the cling film on the over of the custaed filling. After it set cool, place in fidge over night.
7. Sprinkle a little bit bread flour on the table. Mix well with the grounnd salted duck egg. Separate the dough into 8 equal portions ( the weight of each portion is 28g). Then plce in fridge for one hour.


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